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Plaques professionnelles
Plaques professionnelles en plexiglas de 8 mm d'épaisseur. Idéale pour les professions libérales, cabinet de professionnels, signalétique d'entreprise, secteur public ...

Plaques professionnelles Il n'y a aucun produit dans cette catégorie.


  • Plaque 15x10 cm
    We are living in the epoch of great technical progress and we are sure that new technologies are our future. You know that computers are being applied in all spheres of society.
  • Plaque 20x15 cm
    It is a tremendous achievement of mankind. It is totally safe for environment and for the people, it runs with electricity. Their main argument is the problem of artificial intelligence.
  • Plaque 30x10 cm
  • Plaque 30x20 cm
    The most important thing is that the computer technology has great perspectives for further development and it could be called a panacea for humanity. It seems that computer is such a revolutionary invention that we could not even realize the true extent of its significance.
  • Plaque 30x25 cm
  • Plaque 40x30 cm
  • Plaque 60x40 cm